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Charcoal Facial

Charcoal Facial

The beauty benefits of charcoal have been in the spotlight lately. Many skincare brands, from affordable drugstore products to professional grade and more natural ones, have been creating different products using charcoal for its powerful quality to whiten and brighten the skin. Charcoal has been used for centuries in beauty regimens.

The skin clinic has recently started offering this unique facial claiming that it is an ancient beauty secret that has been used by Arab women hundreds of years ago. Apparently, Cleopatra used charcoal as eyeliner, which is where the term kohl liner that we use today comes from. “Because of its natural detoxifying properties, it can be used to whiten teeth, extract poisons from your body, remove blemishes, clear blackheads and cleanse the skin. The chemical structure of carbon in charcoal latches on to pollutants, dirt, and excess oil but not to skin’s natural sebum,” said Joanna, Eve’s beauty therapist. “When used on your skin, charcoal draws toxins out of the pores. 

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