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Bacterial Infection

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial skin infections develop when bacteria enter through hair follicles or through small breaks in the skin that result from scrapes, punctures, surgery, burns, sunburn, animal or insect bites, wounds, and preexisting skin
They often begin as painful small, red bumps that slowly increase in size.

Different types of bacterial infections are
1.Cellulitis: Infection of the skin and tissue beneath the skin
2.Folliculitis: Hair root infection of the skin resulting in red ,pus filled and painful
3.Skin abscess: Pus filled pockets in the layers in of the skin
4.Lymphadenitis: Inflammation of the lymphnodes which become swollen and tender
5.Impetigo: Common in infants,characterized by tiny papules with honey coloured crust.

Involves oral and topical antibiotics

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